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Entrepreneurial Visionary | Global Influencer | Thought Leader | Pastor | Noted Inspirational Speaker | Author | Mentor | Life Coach


Rahson R. Jordan

Entrepreneurial visionary, New York native Rahson R. Jordan is a thought-leader and global influencer of influencers. Rahson credits his success to faith and perseverance. He is the President & CEO of R.R. Jordan Enterprises, LLC. It is here where he has mastered relationships that would evolve into building multiple business partnerships across the nation. After all, he is an innovative and performance driven entrepreneur with a deep passion for championing others to strive at building a brand and having successful and thriving businesses. Over the last decade he has founded “My Legal Connects” which creates a platform that empowers consumers to obtain the best legal services, while supporting their favorite non-profit organizations. He is also the Co-Owner of as seen on Shark Tank “Best Wardrobe Solutions,” that provides men with innovative fashion accessories and wardrobe resources.


Rahson has spent 20+ years in the nonprofit sector working with youth nationwide. He works with school districts to address the social and emotional issues that impact youth and assist with promoting positive changes that close the achievement gap. Rahson’s passion stems from being left fatherless at the age of 2, which caused him to desperately connect and seek validation from the streets that would eventually lead him to being shot and left for dead. It is out of this pain where the “Well of Life” was birthed. He sets out to provide a well of resources and positivity to those who would not otherwise receive this level of support. Through the "Well of Life" he along with faithful staff, volunteers and the executive board strives to improve the self-esteem, spiritual and mental state of at-risk youth by assembling a community of positive voices and role models who will deposit rich history, culture, and experience into their lives. 


Because of his long standing relationships with the youth in the communities, and his desire to assist with those dealing with issues of promiscuity, substance abuse and homelessness this eventually led him to founding “The Furnace Men's Empowerment Group.” It is here where men meet each month for empowerment sessions designed to shape and assist men in launching forward in their destinies. 




Rahson was called to the ministry in 2002 and would later found The Advancing Church in 2009, located in St. Louis. Through love and dedication God has enabled him to empower the oppressed, marginalized and ostracized by teaching them to operate in faith in order to see the manifestation of life more abundantly. He is in the beginning stages of expanding the ministry in other locations. 

Rahson's multi-entrepreneurial efforts allow him to serve diverse audiences. He helps people RELOCATE; from a life of fear and doubt to a life of purpose and faith to realize their highest potential. Credited to his name “Five Reasons You Should Never Beg for Another Human Being’s Attention'' reached over five million views on social media. He is the author of e-books “The Death Benefit” and “A Wealthy Mindset”, and best seller “I Live, Yesterday Didn’t Kill Me”. This book provides insights to guide readers through life’s disorienting seasons. He is a noted conference speaker with a passion to help people live fearless lives of faith to realize their full potential.


Rahson currently resides in St. Louis and is the proud father of 4 and patriarch of 2. He enjoys spending time reading, traveling, speaking to diverse audiences, basketball and vintage cars. 


Rahson is “The Global Influencer” and one of his favorite quotes that he authored is “There’s no such thing as a free thinker”. You pay the cost of your thoughts with your life.

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